The cocoon resort is the best resort in Nainital, it is surrounded by the woods which attract enthusiasts from around the world. Pangot offers a more peaceful holiday than his famous cousin, Nainital with nature only as a charm. Pangot is a village surrounded by dense forests, calm, rivers, and walkways Barely 17 km away from Nainital.  Primarily, India is famous for its rich flora and fauna. Pangot is a beautiful city of Uttarakhand state which is located only 15 km from Nainital Lake. With nature only as a charm, Pangot offers a more peaceful holiday than his famous cousin, Nainital. Book now the best resort in Nainital.

This birdwatcher’s paradise is blessed with over 250 species of birds nearby. Walking in Pangot is like stepping into a remote Himalayan village. The resort is considered as the calm, romantic and best resort in Nainital.  

Stay in a cosy resort and experience the serenity of nature

The hill station is seen in large numbers throughout the year by tourists. In winter, delightful and charming weather and snow-covered mountain peaks attract tourists around the world. Pangot is a quiet and quiet place that makes it an ideal place for a honeymoon. Additionally, the cocoon resort is located in the most vibrant part of the city.

Among the best luxury resorts in Nainital, The cocoon resort is a paradise for those who are searching for luxury between the peace of the hills. It overwhelms guests with its surroundings, clean and spacious rooms, and great hospitality. Each room of the resort has a balcony with verandas, Naini lake, and ice-covered peaks.

The Cocoon Resort